Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Officer: Test THIS for Impact and Penetration

Let's be real:


Below is an email I received from the benevolent master, Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson.  He has been unable to pass helmet-choice legislation in Nevada for at least 16 years.  In the letter below, he placed his latest defeatist impotence squarely onto my lap.  Perhaps some makeup and an abs workout would better stimulate him to man-up.  Or perhaps he's just too old and tired to stand mano a mano against the younger tyrants to whom he caved.  In the meantime, read the below email Gustavson sent to me.

If Massa Gustavson is the most pro-liberty politician in Nevada, then he has proven he is no better than the most left-leaning Nevada State nannycrat.  His letter proves that government's primary objective is not to serve "the people," but to maintain and increase its power - and PUNISH those who expose.

I've often heard and even believed that Gustavson is among the most "Constitutionalist" politicians in Nevada.  Now the question is, 'what's good about being a Constitutionalist?'  If Gustavson represents what's "right" about Nevada's democracy, than it is any wonder that Nevada suffers from the top worst economies in the nation as evidenced by Nevada's top forclosure rating? 

His letter below gives insight into why ZERO government is better than ANY government.  His letter proves that it is impossible for any government to stay small; that even Constitutionalists who profess the virtues of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are beholding to sociopathic monsters who want more laws, more force, more money, and more control over we the taxpaying sheeple.

Senator Gustavson is a gentleman.  I believe that if he were alive in 1776, he might well have been a benevolent slave-owner.  Perhaps he would have been a founding father.  A "Christian" father who would not have tolerated cruelty to his slaves.  But make no mistake about it.  His letter asserts his position of domination over one slave:  a loud-mouthed broad who will be silenced by one means and one means only - DEATH !!

Alas, here we are - more than two centuries later in this "New World."  Has slavery been abolished?  Or is there a new slave in town?  Slaves called tax-payers.  Slaves that transcend color.  Slaves controlled by killbots with badges and guns.  Slaves ruled by tyrants quaintly called, "representatives."  Tyrants able to cause a million times more death and destruction than King George ever imposed on the colonists of the "free world."

To those who criticize my tactics - please recognize that none of my tactics initiate aggression against anyone.  Our "representatives" give killbots more and more authority to kill us WITH COMPLETE IMMUNITY!  So before you call me "disrespectful" about the controversial nature of this post, please ask yourself this question:  what has any politician or cop done to deserve YOUR respect?

Roaring for liberty,


Subject: SB 150
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 20:46:41 +0000

Re: Senate Bill 150

Dear Ms. Gonzales,

Although I do appreciate your passion and tenacity on this issue and understand your need to make your feelings known. Certain methods over the years have tended to hinder my efforts as a Legislator to effect change. I might not always agree with my colleagues on all issues, but I do respect each and every one of them. Every Legislator here has been elected by their constituents, and we acknowledge that each Legislator is here to represent the people who elected them. For that reason, we as a body must do our best to work together during these 120 days while we deal with many unique issues facing the State of Nevada.

As you know, I have been a determined proponent who has labored many years working to modify our current helmet laws. This has always been done in a very professional manner, and last session we saw great movement and strides in getting this bill out of committee thanks to the diligent work by many members of the motorcycle community. Unfortunately, we saw this bill get stalled most likely due to an incident of disrespect that was shown to the Majority Leader and others. Although it was unclear who initiated the personal attacks against the Majority Leader and others, it is clear that the legislative process was harmed.

As lawmakers, we are constitutionally bound to a brief period of time to legislate over many matters of concern regarding the State of Nevada, and there is no room to allow disrespect for any of my colleagues or the legislative process. A recent email that was directed to members of the Senate Transportation Committee was unproductive and ineffectual and I have no doubt it has thwarted the process in moving Senate Bill 150 towards realization.

I am the personal author of 18 Senate Bills this session and a co-sponsor of several other bills. As you know, I work in the minority along with many of my colleagues, and certain actions will only prove to be hurtful to our cause rather than helpful as we strategize to move all of our bills forward.

Time is of the essence, and as Lawmakers we need to prioritize. I have no doubt that Senate Bill 150 has been marginalized once again due to certain inactions levied toward my colleagues, and it would be a detriment to all my constituents and the other bills that I am sponsoring to further expend my energies on a bill that is most likely deceased at this point. For those reasons, I am going to have to pull the bill for this session and utilize my energy on the many other bills that I am authoring or sponsoring.

This was not an easy decision… I was motivated by the recent passage to amend the Michigan helmet mandate. Using the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association’s Survey, I was able to procure meetings with industry leaders and sell them on the idea of how passage of this bill would benefit the economy our state. Taking this bill to top and working down would strengthen our forces who would work diligently to repeal this mandate, just as they did in Michigan.

Unfortunately, I am sure the bottom has been pulled out from underneath my feet, and I do not wish to misuse the hard-working efforts of the motorcycle community and industry leaders on an effort that is been severely impaired.

Personal attacks are not appropriate or productive. The ability to persuade is an effort that requires tactfulness. As the old adage goes: “You can capture more flies with honey rather than vinegar.” For years, I have stood strongly with the motorcycle community on this issue and have worked every session to modify the law. In the future I will continue to gather support of constituents and industry leaders to work at the legislative level to repeal this current mandate in a process that shows the utmost respect to our elected officials who labor here, so long as I know that our efforts are not futile.

Most Sincerely,

Don Gustavson
State Senator
P.O. Box 51601
Sparks, NV  89435
office  775-684-1480
Fax     775-684-1358
Twitter: @DonGustavson

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