Sunday, October 14, 2012

Exposing Nevada State Senator Schneider

Dear Liberty-Loving Friends,

     Oh what a life!  If it wasn't for my little grandkid, I would have smuggled myself across the southern border and would be drinking a pina colada out of a coconut shell on the beach being fanned by Marcos, the cabana-boy.  But alas, I now live to make this side of the border more free for my grandson than it is today.

     Thus, check out part one of what I intend to be an extensive series of you-tubes that exposes the corruption, lies, and deceit related to Nevada’s helmet law.  Go straight to the 1:50 marker to hear with your own ears what Nevada State Senator Schneider said about us.  Many of us activists have been used as examples by the establishment.  And since Schneider's termed out, he's the low-hanging "establishment" fruit that I chose to make into an example.  Warning, if you have a weak stomach, you might wanna break open that bottle of Tums - heee heee!

     As for my recent helmet trial in the City of North Las Vegas, it was quite the theater.  Not surprisingly, I was convicted in that top-secret court of nonrecord, and of course I paid my $12 to get a “real” trial in a “real” court.  It appears mine is only the 4th conviction at CNLV to be appealed in more than 10 years.  The other three were as follows:

     1.  David Stilwell – convicted for violating Nevada’s Helmet Law.  (Case dismissed on appeal.)
     2.  Yours truly – convicted for obstructing an officer because I was videotaping 
 my son’s arrest.  (Found NOT GUILTY on appeal.)
     3.  My son – convicted for open carrying a firearm while in his car when he was stopped due to “tinted windows.”  (On appeal the charge was dismissed along with the tinted windows charge.)
     The arraignment for my trial de novo (do over) is scheduled for November 5th, at 11 a.m. in Department 32 at the 200 Lewis Street Courthouse.  If you plan to go, it’s just an arraignment so I don’t expect any juicy drama.  And the date has already been changed once.  So check the calendar or email me to make sure it’s still scheduled before you go.  I’ll do my best to blog soon about the comical CNLV trial.
The Great Gazoo
     In the meantime, know that I've put 6,000+ miles on my motorcycle this summer.  Took two trips from Utah to Texas to visit the grandkid and didn't have to take a helmet.  You see, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are ALL helmet-CHOICE states.  Can you believe I survived?  Perhaps the only reason I did survive is because I didn't have to wear no stinkin' Gazoo-like helmet. 
All that solo riding and camping gave me much to ponder.  Last year, at the Nevada legislative session, we identified friends as well as snakes-in-the grass low-life foes.  I'll be watching the elections and planning my strategy to expose.
     Hey, Senator S., feel it now?
Who should feel it next?  Post your comment.  And thank you for your support.
Roooooaaaaarrrrring for liberty,