Monday, March 25, 2013

Extinguishing Nevada's Helmet-Choice Bill SB150

Dear friends in liberty,

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.  That Lord's name is Senator Don Gustavson, the sponsor of Nevada's 2013 Helmet-Choice Bill, SB150.

It appears the good senator is using me as a scapegoat to justify the extinguishment of SB150, Nevada's 2013 Helmet-Choice Bill.  Senator Gustavson is the primary sponsor of the bill he is now taking away.  He claims he had a good chance to pass Nevada's helmet-choice bill this year.  But because I dared express my First Amendment "Right," he will no longer pursue this Bill.  This rep sent me a long email that I will make public very soon.  (Super-juicy stuff- FOR SURE!!)  Although he did not reference my recent public email to his colleague, a blatant snake-in-the grass liar who used and deceived motorcycle rights activists, I believe it was this letter that got his goat:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Dear Senator Manendo,

The 2011 helmet-choice Bill for Nevada motorcyclists (SB177) was killed by Senator Horsford when he sent it to the finance committee to die.  This year, I urge you to follow in his heroic footsteps to do the same.  Here are the top ten reasons to kill Nevada’s current helmet-choice bill, SB150:

10.  Because now that Senator Schneider has been termed out, he left behind a void of BIKER BIGOTRY that you can easily fill.

9.  To remind riders in the 2/3rds of States with helmet choice that they should cherish that speck of liberty that never should have been stolen from riders in any state belonging to the U.S.

8.  To motivate me to investigate and expose allegations of on-the-job sexual misconduct by Ken Kiphart, while he served as Administrator for the Nevada Rider Program.

7.  To motivate me to identify the misconduct/corruption of:

Alison Copening, former State rep.  Her blatant hatred towards the biker community caused her a severe lapse of judgment – one so grave that it likely caused her to not run again – in shame.

Shirley Breeden, former Senate Transportation Committee chair who backstabbed the biker community that helped get her elected.

A number of bureaucrats within the Nevada Rider Program, DPS, OTS, NHP, and others that have either resigned, changed duties, or were busted by rights activists for corruption.

6.  To coddle the police union lobby that do your dirty work for you by enforcing the laws you support that criminalize honest citizens.  Did LVMPD also fund your campaign?  Each year LVMPD lobbyists PAID BY OUR TAX DOLLARS take a 580 mile 4-month vacation north to Carson City to lobby on TAX DIME!  They argue against bills that they fear will chip away at their power.  Let’s face it, helmet laws are NOT about saving lives and those cops know it!  THEY ARE ALL ABOUT GIVING COPS PROBABLE CAUSE TO VIOLATE BIKERS.  LVMPD – alone – is responsible for the COLD-BLOODED MURDER of 12 innocent victims in 2011, half the number of motorcycle fatalities that same year.  Perhaps a better solution to avoid fatalities is to get rid of this cartel of gangbangers with badges that get paid time off each time they kill an innocent victim.

5.  To motivate me to expose the tyranny at the hands of sociopathic police officers, prosecutors, and judges who use helmets as an excuse to victimize motorcyclists.

4.  TO KILL MORE RIDERS.  In 2011, 41 motorcyclists were killed in Nevada – ALL WEARING HELMETS!  How many of those 41 deaths could have been avoided if only they were NOT wearing a helmet?  THEY ARE DEAD AND THEIR VOICE WILL NEVER BE HEARD!  Did their helmet inhibit vision, hearing, or senses to cause or contribute to their fatal accident?  Yes, keep Nevada’s helmet bondage law intact to kill more riders.

3.  To remind all who ride on Nevada roads that YOU, Mr. Manendo, and your like-minded, pro-law, anti-liberty colleagues are our rulers – and your mindless drones (law enforcement) will unleash its rogue violence against anyone that dares to challenge unconditional obedience to YOU.

2.  To motivate me to expose EXACTLY how it was that YOU, Senator Manendo, double-crossed the biker community when you voted NO to last session’s SB177 – a bill you had CO-SPONSORED.  Your lame excuse was that you didn’t think 21 was an appropriate age to be a responsible helmet user.  Yet 18 years old is old enough to be killed at war.

1.  And finally, the top-most reason to kill SB150 is to send a strong message to the average baby-boomer motorcyclist – many of whom are Vietnam Vets - that THEY ARE TOO STUPID, INSANE, AND IRRESPONSIBLE  to know when and if to wear a helmet while riding on a Nevada road.

Nothing short of a COMPLETE REPEAL of Nevada’s helmet law will demotivate me from disinfecting with sunshine-like TRUTH, the stench of evil over various executive, judicial, and legislative branches of Nevada’s “democratic” system at state and local levels.  In the last two years, I have – to my great dismay – discovered that what we have in Nevada that we call “democracy,” is really, MOB RULE!   Could so many anti-liberty laws be contributing to Nevada’s tragic economy?

While SB150 is a step in the right direction towards promoting liberty and thus stimulating Nevada’s economy, this bill contains in it CONDITIONAL liberty.  Be honest and admit that those “conditions” are mandates to increase profits to entities such as training facilities, insurance companies, or others who have the funds to lobby to force We the People to use their products or services.  I do not condemn training – I condemn the gun that would be pointed at the head of my fellow Nevada rider for not submitting to any of your so-called “safety” training.

I will always be your obedient servant .  A servant fluent in Spanish to ensure that the people of our ethnicity know exactly how it is that you are creating laws to force us all to bow down to your weapons!

Lily Gonzalez, USMC Vet (but that obviously does not matter.)
A message about Senator Manendo to the Nevada Latino Community:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't Mess with "Helmet-Less" In Nevada

Disclaimer:  Below is an unedited, two-year old article I submitted to QuickThrottle Magazine.  The edited version is in their May 2010 edition.  I am no longer a staff writer for this magazine, but am grateful for the privilege to have worked with that awesome team of magazine professionals!

By TigerLily
On November 29, 2009, David Stilwell was riding his Harley and got pulled over by a Las Vegas Metro Officer who claimed, “I couldn't see a helmet on him.” But what the Officer didn't know is that in the course his ordinary traffic monitoring routine, he had just pulled over a person that is anything but ordinary.