Sunday, November 18, 2012

TL's Agenda: Asking Fish to Look Outside the Water

"People have asked me, and look, it's a perfectly legitimate question:  'Stef, why does your head look like a giant speckled hen's egg?'"

StefanMolyneux, Philosopher

Hello again, liberty-loving friends !

Took some time off to think - and I'm back.  On reflecting, I realized that perhaps because of the impersonal nature of cyberspace, I'm often  misunderstood.  I’ve been accused of being an extreme leftist or rightist;  a heathen, politically incorrect, macabre, unclassy – even an “old hag” - OUCH!!  I think I understand the urge to slap a label on me - or just "slap" me.  My message is simple, curt, and virtually bullsh!t-free.  I’ve often heard, “I agree with Lily but I don’t agree with her methods.”  Fair enough.  I sense I should refine my message and will attempt to do so with the restart of my radio show on Freedomizer Radio.

But first, I’d like to clarify my agenda.   In short, I’d say I’m a flawed human who strives to make days count as a means to right the “wrongs” of my life’s choices.  Joining Freedomizer Radio is one means to spread truth, awaken, and hopefully inspire others to join me in cherishing, educating, and supporting our closest relationships - with sacred emphasis on raising children in a 100% nonviolent environment.  After all, children didn't ask to be born.  Why is it that we as parents, teachers, and other authoritarian figures give ourselves the right to abuse children? Is it really “for their own good?” and worse – is child abuse in any given form ever "virtuous?"

I'd like to share a tad about myself to explain what drives me.  In late 2009, my children were grown and gone, my parents were deceased, and my husband was retired.  So I quit my job in  California to ride my motorcycle and write fun articles for a motorcycle magazine.  While networking for the magazine, I’d routinely hear stories from bikers describing unpleasant experiences with police officers.  In my own mind, I rationalized the cops’ behavior because the bikers had tattoos, long hair, an abrasive attitude, or some other feature that would beg cops to target them.  'Brush your hair and your teeth and fix yourself up, I thought.'  One common complaint I heard was that Nevada cops would detain motorcyclists to "inspect" helmets.  You see, Nevada is one of a few remaining states that continues to hold motorcyclists in "helmet bondage."

During a motorcycle rights meeting, I met David Stilwell, a self-taught, world-class, cream-of-the-crop rights activist.  At the meeting, Dave passionately explained how he had found a loophole related to helmet laws.  So, my husband and I met at Dave’s garage to modify my DOT helmet to the size of about a four-inch disk – and I gorrilla-glued a silly tiara on it.

I was thrilled to don this controversial headgear for my self-imposed investigative journalist endeavor.  At best, I imagined getting frisked by a “hot” cop.  At worst, I expected to get a helmet ticket that I could either pay or challenge.  Big deal, right?  But in my wildest dreams did I imagine what would happen.  Let’s just say for now that it wasn’t a cute cop that pulled me over.  Rather, it was a mean bulldyke bitch that scared me half to death.  Her behavior towards me and my poor husband (who was wearing a huge helmet) was alarming.  I'm chronicling this story on youtube, so please subscribe to my youtube channel, to get those reports.  I'm ashamed for grossly misjudging the biker-boys that had complained about cops.

'It’s just a few rotton apples,' I’d hear over and over when I explained that event to others still submerged in the "Matrix."  But on further studying, I realized it wasn’t 'just a few.'

I'm fortunate for the gentle wakeup call by that mean Trooper, because too many people are awakening much more violently.  Take Theresa Smith, for example.  She was awakened to the police state when Anaheim cops murdered her son in cold blood.  Not only were the murderers not held accountable, they were given PAID TIME OFF.  Theresa is one of countless persons who have experienced first-hand - the lies, deceit, corruption, and pure evil of our statist society.  Daily, there is more evidence that what we in America have is NOT a justice system.  Rather, it’s a bureaucratic LEGAL system that has one mission:  to keep and INCREASE its power.

I recognize that what happened to me over a silly helmet is trivial compared to Theresa’s experience.  But what I learned about a stupid little helmet law, opened my eyes to a much bigger picture of the grotesque injustice, immorality, and inhumanity that has turned the U.S. into the most intrusive and aggressive government on the planet.  But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a graph indicating that the U.S. houses more inmates per capita than any other country on earth.  In fact, it houses more than communist China and formerly communist Russia COMBINED.  And about 4/5ths of U.S. inmates are caged like animals for committing nonviolent, so-called "crimes.” 

Thus, everyone has a breaking point in which to decide to obey or challenge.  My breaking point was when I realized the State of Nevada could literally murder me if I resisted something as unimportant as a helmet law.

In a helmet state like Nevada, if a cop wants to, he or she can use "headgear inspections" as an excuse to detain a motorcyclist.  That means coughing-up your drivers’ license, registration, and proof of insurance.  And while you're in that submissive position before an armed man or woman in costume, you will likely be bullied into allowing a search of your motorcycle.  And if you dare exercise your 4th Amendment so-called "right" to be free from unreasonable searches, the treatment by cops will likely escalate.  If you don’t sign the citation you go straight to jail and your motorcycle will be impounded.  If you resist, the cop has the legal authority to force you into submission by any means, including death!  

Signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt,” they’ll tell the 'suspect.'  'It’s merely a promise to appear in court.'  In Nevada, if you challenge a traffic citation, there will be THREE court hearings.  The first is an arraignment, the second a pretrial, and the third a trial.  If you miss any of those hearings, the State will put out a warrant for your arrest.  But by the time you get your so-called "day in court" odds are 99.9% that the case will be dismissed.  One prosecutor flat out told me, "I have murderers and rapists to prosecute.  I don’t have time to deal with a helmet ticket.”  And yet, the state would have certainly found time to arrest me had I not attended any one of their MANDATORY hearings.  In Nevada the entire process from citation to dismissal typically lasts about a year (and the process appears to be getting longer).  Here's one you-tube production of mine that describes the process:  Repeal It Or Feel It: My First LVMPD Helmet Citation.

Dave's Newest Helmet
My friend, David Stilwell, got lucky to get a helmet trial in Las Vegas, Nevada.  If you have 30 minutes to spare, check out how it went.  The vids have been viewed over 300,000 times with thousands of comments over a short period of time. 

When I realized the sheer vexation of our legal system and that our system has little to do with justice and more to do with BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION of we the taxpaying sheeple, I became pissed and resolved to expose this charade we call, “The American Justice System.”  Folks often ask me, 'Why don't you just wear a big helmet?'  I reply with, 'Why didn’t Rosa Parks just go to the back of the bus?'

Rosa flat-out disobeyed a stupid law of her time.  I am not so heroic because I maintain that I abide by the letter of the law to ride as freely as possible.  I've been detained for my headgear  nine times and gotten six helmet tickets.  Each time I gain a bit more knowledge of our so-called “justice” system, and more determined to expose the tyranny, hypocrisy, and immorality inherent in our statist society.

It used to pain me to recognize that we in the U.S. are no longer the land of the free, home of the brave.  Perhaps that was always a myth.  Consider that the Constitution was really to liberate a few slave-owning White-boys from King George’s tyranny.  It was DESPITE our Constitution that African slaves were even freed - and at what cost?  How ironic that some 240 years after declaring our so-called “freedom,” our federal government has become exponentially more tyrannical to people at home and abroad than King George’s drones ever were to the colonists.  Take a look at this article written by the founder of, my friend, Bill Buppert:  The Shame of Veterans Day. 

With very few exceptions, the people living on a geographical taxation livestock space of land called the USA have sadly become a compliant, sheeple-minded society that is all too eager to bend over and take whatever anyone of so-called “authority” wants to put in them (drugs) or on them (helmets).  Not only are we EXPECTED to obey, most equate this obedience with “virtue.”  

Are you seeing a trend here?  Virtuous to "discipline" children into submission; virtuous to "submit" to government.  I wonder how many people thought it "virtuous" to identify oneself with a star of David during WW2?  Today, masses of sheeple-minded Americans that close their minds to critical thoughts, believe that calling themselves “law-abiding” is somehow a good thing.  But how many of us care to examine the virtue of laws?  Why is it so difficult to see the immorality of the State?  Why is it NEVER okay to kill someone – unless, of course, if the killer is wearing a government-sanctioned costume?  I found this enlightening production by Larken Rose, relevant to the issue of what it means to be "law abiding."   (Disclaimer:  this is a one-minute excerpt of his original speech.  Click here to view his entire speech: You're Not the Boss of Me.)

Painfully, I mourned the days when I believed that peace officers served and protected; that I was lied to by every authority figure from my parents to my teachers to my spiritual counselors; that I wasted four years of my life to get a college degree when I should have been nurturing two teenagers that needed me; that I used bullying tactics to demand my children’s obedience to me the way an NHP trooper bullied me to get my obedience to her.  At first, I became sad to recognize that our "justice” system is fiction - like the day I learned Santa doesn’t exist.  

I found it impossible to turn to my previous religious superstitions for comfort as I began to critically think about God, Jesus, and the significance of Judea-Christian values.  I considered that my mother was the essence of virtue by the standards that were embedded in my brain through years of Southern-Baptist indoctrination.  And yet why did she die an untimely, inhumane, slow, torturous death?  My shattered expectations for godly-intervention as well as the tyrannical nature of my precious America caused me to go through the typical stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.  The acceptance spawned solution-seeking.  What can I do improve myself, my loved ones, and my own community?

I have studied this issue with particular intensity over the last several months.  Given that there has never been a government on earth that didn’t grow – and that the most successful governments grew into self-defeating democides, I fail to understand the logic of going back to Constitutional principles that slave-owning founders created.  Given my awareness that religious ideology create crazies that annihilate themselves in holy wars, I fail to understand how the “right” religion could bring humanity the freedom that it naturally craves.

Therefore, the only logical evolution of our species that I can grasp is the complete abolishment of superstitions using what today’s most popular philosopher, Stefan Molyneux, describes as Universally Preferable Behaviors (UPB’s).  My take on those UPBs are basically two simple rules:  don’t initiate aggression, and respect for property rights.  As Stef once said, telling a statist he’s not free is like telling a fish he’s in water.  The fish would say, “Water?  What water?”   That’s all a fish knows.  Today the primary system of social order known to man is a superstition called “government.”  Who will build the roads, feed the poor, lock up the killers?  The question assumes our government is actually doing those things.  Sure, we have roads.  But considering the masses of people that died for fulfilling their pledged allegiance to a flag, what is the real cost of the roads?  Aren't we creative enough to find ways to still have roads WITHOUT the coercion; without slaughter? Yet, I'm still optimistic that future freedom is achievable and that humanity will evolve exponentially.  But first, the fish must understand there exists something other than water.

I'm delighted to know that there are many grassroots movements to spread the ultimate gospel:  that government has outlived its use over humanity.  There are brave people all around us today risking their freedom, their lives, and their sacred honor to enlighten fish about the virtue of air.  With my radio show on Freedomizer Radio, I aim to join forces with those grassroots contemporary pioneers to identify, expose, and address the immorality of our statist society as evidenced by the daily abuses by cops around the U.S.  It’s a national crisis that lame stream media won’t touch unless there are underlying political agendas - e.g., the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  It's time to - as the late great comedian George Carlin urged - "Question everything!"

At 51 years old, I've got a lot of "deprogramming" to do.  Like the vast majority of sheeple, probably from the day I was born, I was told WHAT to think instead of HOW to think.  As I transform the regrets into resolve, I feel a sense of contentment;  a sense that all will be well.  If not today, certainly tomorrow.  To use a worn cliché, if we can put a man on the moon then I’m certain we humans can find a way to peacefully replace government violence and theft - with  voluntarism, peace, prosperity and love.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this and I hope you will join me on my radio show.  There, I'll continue to expose uncomfortable truths and attempt to exercise a bit of  critical thinking to explore nonviolent ways to transform our world into a better place for future generations.

A special thank you to each of you that have encouraged me !!

Roaring in liberty,