Monday, November 14, 2011

Time to "Extinguish" the Nevada Rider Program??

Here is an excerpt from the October 2011 minutes of the meeting:


Lily Gonzales, ... shared her concerns and a list of reasons why she believes the Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program should be discontinued. Ms. Gonzales asked that a serious discussion of the following items concerning the Nevada Rider Program be placed on the agenda for our next Motorcycle Advisory Board Meeting:

The program has undermined the rights of motorcyclists.

It has undermined motorcycle tourism.

It continues to work with mainstream media to blame motorcyclists when there is a motorcycle accident.

It has failed to demonstrate its effectiveness to reduce deaths or accidents.

It has participated in being less than truthful to our Senators during legislative sessions by siding with law enforcers whose only agenda appears to be control and domination over motorcyclists rather than safety.

It has disproportionately allocated funds among the various parts of the State.

It has showed bad faith by moving a meeting to an earlier date in an apparent effort to exclude members of the public and media.

It is run by a retired cop that is compensated by contract in order to not adversely impact his pension.

It is unable to describe how it is that a rider can know for certain if they are complying with Nevada’s helmet law.

It makes up meeting rules on the spot to muzzle people with serious questions.

Ms. Gonzales stated that she will have documentation to support these statements at the next Motorcycle Advisory Board meeting.

From bureaucrats violating motorcycle-friendly businesses to cops violating motorcyclists themselves, the abuses in Nevada are getting worse. We the People are allowing our public servants at every level to violate us and to violate their oaths to uphold the Nevada State and U.S. Constitutions. 

In 2010, the City of North Las Vegas declared war on motorcyclists when they acquired a State grant to stop and detain motorcyclists to inspect their helmets.  Prior to that, the City WRONGLY raided a motorcycle club party.  In Henderson, over 100 riders were unlawfully detained and violated.

What can We-the-Motorcycling-Riding-People do to take back our power? For starters, become informed.

A year ago, as a new reporter for QuickThrottle Magazine, I uncovered serious deficiencies with Nevada's State Motorcycle Safety Program.  Here is that story:

The news got national blogosphere attention and stirred a hornet's nest of controversy locally.  Here is what one Nevada critic said:

The editor of QuickThrottle Magazine was going to publish the letter but allowed me to respond.  When the critic saw my response, he asked the editor NOT to publish his letter.  Why?  Because I named names, cited sources, and backed up every single statement I made.  Nowhere in my article did I "disrespect" any safety instructor.  I evaluated, reported, and made clear when I editorialized my findings.

What does the Nevada Rider State Program have to do with our riding freedoms?  A lot!  From cronyism to arrogance - this Program has ignored the voices of those it supposedly serves.  This program has an incestual relationship with law enforcement to empower them and keep motorcyclists under control.  Time to cut the nanny cord from this Program and allow grown ups to decide what private training school they think will serve them best.

It's OUR money.  What do YOU think?  Should we "can" the program?  Why or why not?  And what should be done about the $300K+ currently sitting in that pot?

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