Monday, February 20, 2012

David Stilwell Threatens to Arrest a Government Agent

Dear Friends in Liberty,

I'm thrilled to report that We the People have power! The following illustrates what one law-abiding citizen accomplished when he was given the proverbial "hand" by a public "bonehead" servant.

Earlier this month, David Stilwell had the need to obtain public records.

Per Nevada's Open Records Act (NORA), public servants have five days to comply with public records requests.  There are certain exceptions, but none applied to Dave's request.

An arrogant, high-ranking local bureaucrat lied to Dave, denied his request, and challenged him to "initiate an action."

Dave took him up on that challenge and wrote perhaps the most effective citizen's letter I have ever seen.  In that letter, Dave threatened to perform a citizen's arrest of that bonehead for violating, NRS 239-300, a Class C Felony.  (Below is the redacted correspondence.)

What's the lesson?  We the People have power and we need to tap into it.  We are not slaves and we must refuse to be treated as such.

Congrats to Dave!!!

I'm certainly impressed.  Are you?  Please post your comment with your feedback.

Roaring in liberty,



  1. Give 'em hell Stilwell. If every American would do this, we would not have the corruption and graft that we have on every level of government. These people need to be reminded that they work for "THE PEOPLE" (that's us)

    Courtesy is the minimum that is expected by your boss. Non compliance gets you out the back door right to the unemployment office. ADIOS!

  2. Good work! It's about time that these "public servants" are put in their place! The arrogance and disrespect is unacceptable. Kudos to Dave and Tiger Lily!

  3. Public officials work on the bully factor. They assume that "We The People" are born to follow their orders or be put in a cage. Keep up the fight!

  4. Excellent action, when will the people of this country wake up and follow in David's footsteps?
    We are tired and fed up with the arrogance and bias of certain gov employees and their power tripping behavior.
    We are no sheep.
    Keep up the pressure David!

  5. well done..all officials are us...fight them all the way...

  6. shared

    Thank you for writing this essay

    Doc Ellis 124

  7. Outstanding work!
    Mr (redacted name of official) appears to be guilty of a felony by outright denying the request.

  8. are you really that arrogant!!!! you walk around like you are owed everything when demanded... PPhf!!! One of these days the law is going to kick you where you sit and it will stick and you can take the smug I am better than a lot of people attitude and we will all be laughing!!! What just because you can put a gun on your hip and walk around like your a cowboy in the Wild West that makes you a bigger person!! Anyone that walks into a sheriffs or a cop shop trying to challenge them really needs to have their head examined...People like you are NOT standing up for the citizens, you are trying to run rough shot over the system, yes it may have it flaws, but until you are a elected official, or someone that votes you really don't have much room to say anything. Yes our government has a obligation to us citizens, but really stop ruffling your feathers like you are some cock in the chicken coop thinking you are accomplishing something because you are not. Other than making yourself look like a fool period!!!! Feel free to respond to this because after reading what you wrote I have not further interest in what you say..


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