Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Helmet Trial in Nevada (Vid Production)

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The forty-six year old rights activist, David Stilwell, had a neck injury two decades ago.  As a result, he couldn’t find a comfortable helmet.  But he wasn’t ready to give up riding, so he researched Nevada’s helmet law and discovered there was nothing keeping him from manufacturing his OWN helmet.  So he did.  And for this, on June 15, 2009, Dave got his first helmet citation.  Dave wanted to fight it, but it got dismissed.  And thus began David Stilwell’s quest for justice.  (See the vid and read further.....)
Note:  I take full responsibility for all editorial comments on this you-tube production.

On November 29, 2009, Dave got his second helmet ticket.  He wanted a REAL trial, but the legal system stood in the way.  Why?  Gary Booker, prosecutor for Boulder City, Nevada, said it best when he argued in court that a helmet citation was not worth fighting.... TO HIM.

Dave says he resorted to “trickery” to get his day in court.  He recalls that he annoyed a court “window lady” so much that he thinks she deliberately retaliated.  Dave believes the “window lady” assigned him the meanest “junkyard dog” judge.

To view the unedited vids of the court proceedings:
Trial of 2/10/10:  Part 1 (9 minutes) and Part 2 (14 minutes).
Verdict of 3/24/10:  (2 minutes).

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