Thursday, April 5, 2012

Father of LV Costco Shooting Victim Speaks Out On Freedomizer Radio

Dear liberty lovers,

It is my honor to announce that Bill Scott, granted the first radio interview after his family dropped the wrongful-death lawsuit against Las Vegas Metro PD.  This news came on the heels of a successful lawsuit of another family that received $1.7 million for Metro’s murder of their loved one.

As citizens, we are each in different stages of awareness.  Two years ago, my own view of cops was that their work was dangerous and heroic.  Today, when I see a suspect in handcuffs, my immediate assumption is that the suspect is a VICTIM of our ever-increasing totalitarian police state.  That’s what often prompts me to get my recorder out – even if just to PRETEND to record cops.  Many have told me I need to mind my own business.  But I’ll continue to record these public servants to keep my neighbors safe from out-of-control cops.

Unfortunately, too many people are still almost comatose – like I was two years ago.  Fortunately for me, I was awakened by a mere traffic stop.  But too often, people experience more violent awakenings.  As a result of Erik Scott's murder by LVMPD cops, one sleeping giant has awakened.  His name is Bill Scott, and he is Erik’s dad.

In the you-tube above, Bill explains why he dropped the lawsuit against Metro.  And with the lawsuit behind him, Bill is now free to pursue other avenues for justice.  One such endeavor is the writing of his fictional book, “The Permit.”

Please join us Sunday, May 20th, 2012, at 6pm Pacific time for an in-depth interview with Bill Scott as he gives us more details that main stream media avoided about the violent, senseless murder of his son, Erik, and the troubling subsequent events.  You are encouraged to call-in to the show and ask Bill questions (347) 324-3704.  Catch the archive here if you miss the live show.

The Permit is a means to expose and educate those of us who continue to sleep through the obvious denigration of our liberties and so-called, “justice” system.

For my radio show description and show times, click here.

Roaring for liberty,


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