Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Father’s Vindication Against Cops: Radio Show May 20, 2012 - 6pm PACIFIC Time

Note:  My guest tonight was rudely awakened to fascism in America.  Please don’t wait until YOU experience the murder of a loved one by what has become the most anti-liberty, oppressive nation in the world – THE U.S.A. – as evidenced by the fact that the U.S. houses more prisoners per capita than any other nation on earth – including communist China.

William “Bill” Scott is my guest tonight, Sunday, May 20, 2012.  Bill is a consultant, author, and former Air Force flight test engineer.  His son, Erik Scott, was murdered by Sheriff Douglas “Gestapo” Gillepsie’s regime.  Gillespie is the sheriff for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  Under his watch, his regime has killed more innocent people than any other comparatively sized community in the U.S.  And his drones are literally getting away with murder.  

Erik’s killing was part of my own awakening to our ever-increasing police state.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again -- murdering Erik was a big mistake for the Gestapo regime.  I call Bill a “sleeping giant” that has awakened.  He has been – and continues to be – a fierce fighter to vindicate his son’s murder.

Recently, Bill dropped the family’s lawsuit against Metro.  I blogged about this in March.  That was a blow to many who hoped Metro would be punished with an even larger lawsuit than the recent record-breaking settlement of $1.7 million awarded to the family of Trevon Cole – murdered in front of his wife in a botched raid while Cole was flushing a joint down the toilet.  Considering that Erik was 100% law-abiding, the Scott family should have gotten at least as much – if not more!

Bill spoke to me first on my radio show right after the family decision to drop the lawsuit that devastated Erik’s faithful followers.  Why was it dropped?  In short, the Colorado Springs Independent captured Bill's voice best:  “I firmly believe that Erik was murdered, the crime scene was corrupted, critical evidence was destroyed and fake evidence was manufactured and introduced,” Scott says, “and it was all done to protect an elaborate system that can only be described as a cartel of corruption.”

Please join me tonight to find out what Bill plans to do next to vindicate his son's murder at 6pm PACIFIC time on

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