Saturday, May 26, 2012

Introducting My New Podcast Channel

First on my podcast is my January 15, 2012, radio interview of  Theresa Smith.  Theresa's son, Caesar Cruz, was viciously murdered by four undercover Anaheim cops in December of 2009.  The local media reported what the cops told them.......
 – LIES !!

Amber Stephens captured the story well – as she described the tangled web of deceit by public servants and their media agents.  Amber’s reporting also subtly captured the insanity of the “war on drugs."  Sadly, Theresa’s story is becoming all-too common as our family, friends, and neighbors are being executed more frequently than ever before.  Not by "criminals," but by public servants.  The tax dollars We the Sheeple are FORCED to give to our "protectors," are the swine that not only get away with murder, but get paid time off for killing.

Theresa’s story got me thinking that the public parasite behavior is an abomination.  The corruption runs far deeper than just arrogant and corrupt cops, judges, and DA's.  My friend, Bill Buppert, founder of, says, "If it wasn't for police officers, politicians could not take away our liberties."  Therefore, the only moral solution is to rid ourselves of government entirely.

You’d ask:  “How could a nation function without government?”  Philosopher Stefan Molyneux  has stated, that plantation "masters" questioned how cotton would get picked without slaves.  The answer was and is:  IT DOESN'T MATTER.  The only thing that matters is that it is immoral to own another human being.  Today, we must evaluate if it is moral - COP OR NOT - to forcibly take another person's life, liberty, or property, especially when a suspect has committed a victimless "crime."

If we had no cops, Theresa's son, Caesar – and so many others like him – would be alive today!  Therefore, do we really need cops?  Or are cops more dangerous than the criminals they supposedly hunt?  In fact, is there anything that government can do better than the private sector?  Will humanity evolve past the need to bow down to gods and government?   How long will it take for We-the-Sheeple to admit there is a war right now, right on our own soil?  Cops are the military, and We the Sheeple are their enemy.  America's militarized police regimes are getting away with murder and it seems daily, the problem gets worse.

The next time you see a “suspect” in handcuffs at a traffic stop, ask yourself this question:  Is the person in cuffs a criminal – or the victim of a tyrannical system?

From the above-referenced article:  “Theresa Smith, a Fullerton resident, has organized weekly peaceful protests ever since her son, 35-year-old Caesar Cruz, died after he was shot by Anaheim Police in 2009. The Orange County District Attorney did an investigation and found that the shooting was justified.”

Need more be said?  Just this:  please join me to get genuine, truthful news that main-stream can't and won't touch.

Roaring for liberty,

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    Thank you for writing this

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  2. yes thank you tigerlily, I to am out there with these lovely ladies and unlike theresa i didnt lose a son, but i lost my brother in 2007 he was shot 9 times with 18 holes in his body july 2007 by anaheim pd on my front door step he was unarmed when the cops killed him.. thank you for ur support and thank GOD for theresa she has been my strenght to fight for justice for my brother her son and all the other families going threw this.. my love and respect to you.. corie cline


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