Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Way for Law Enforcers to Dominate Nevada Slaves - I mean "Citizens"

I just found out that the City of North Las Vegas is going around extorting money from criminals and their relatives.  Huh?  Read my letter to the NLVPD Public Information Officer - Tim Bedwell.  (He's on TV a lot - spreading lies and propaganda to try to make his peeps look good!)

Dear Sgt. Bedwell,

It has come to my attention that allegedly law officers representing the City of North Las Vegas are taking new measures to enforce the law.  I confirmed this allegation through a number of local bail bond service sources.  Allegedly, police officers are going to residences of persons with arrest warrants for failing to appear at a North Las Vegas hearing for minor traffic citations.

  1. Is this true?
  2. If so, which law enforcement agency is providing this public service?
  3. Is it also true that these law enforcers are forcing the delinquent offenders to pay-up at once (credit card option available) or go to jail?
  4. How long has this service been implemented?
  5. How much revenue has the City of North Las Vegas accumulated for this service?
  6. Has any estimate been given as to whether this practice is increasing revenue for the City of North Las Vegas - or has it cost more to house, feed, and provide healthcare to those arrested?

I am in contact with a person who surrendered him/herself to the North Las Vegas Detention Center.  I have verified my source's information and in essence it appears:

This person failed to appear to a hearing for a citation for one or more minor traffic infractions.

This person told me that he/she:

1.  Had severe financial hardships.
2.  "The police" visited his/her elderly mother's home (suspect's address) with credit card processing equipment and police told the elder that the money needed to be paid immediately or son/daughter would be arrested.

My source informed me that he/she surrendered to the North Las Vegas Detention Center because:

  1. He/She did not have the money to pay the $1000+ fine/fees because he/she has been unable to find work for months;
  2. He/She did not want to live with a looming arrest threat;
  3. He/She did not want the elderly parent to continue to get any more "frightening" police encounters at the mother's home.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Note:  The City of North Las Vegas recently laid off a number of employees.  Instead of relaxing the laws so that a cop isn't in your grill each time you go out into the public, and so that there aren't so many bullcrap citations to process, they whine about how badly we need more cops.  

What the hell do we need more cops for?  So we the tax-paying people can get more tickets to bridge it's budget deficit?  How many "real" criminals - you know - like the ones that ROB, RAPE AND KILL PEOPLE - are our brave enforcers-of-the-law catching to serve and protect us?

I'll be posting the answer based on my own experiences soon.

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