Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SB177 - Letter Senator Schneider

This letter was sent to Senator Schneider after I heard with my own ears the vile language he used against motorcyclists.  Don't waste your time contacting this ass-clown! Know that he has reached his term limit and cannot run for Nevada office again.  Likely, he'll become a paid lobbyist to continue his dirty work.  I'll be keeping my eye on this anti-liberty biker bigot! 

Dear Senator Schneider,

I am a Marine Veteran, a mom, and very soon a grandmother.  My children are grown, my parents are deceased, my husband is a retired Marine Officer.  Both my husband and I have been motorcycle enthusiasts for six years and we ride for pure pleasure.

Your comments on April 14, 2011, at the Senate Transportation Committee regarding SB177 are an abomination!  You practically called motorcyclists narcissistic jerks that will likely become a burden to society.  Your words made my stomach turn.

You are out of touch.  I don’t know too many persons who own Harleys and are on welfare.  We are highly productive, tax-paying CONTRIBUTORS to our country and to Nevada.

While sitting in the Sawyer Room in Las Vegas watching your live testimony, I observed that you are quite overweight – considerably more so than the picture on your Bio.  In fact, I bet you are the most obese Senator in Nevada.  And I also noticed that in your bio you included “cooking” in your hobbies.

My hobby is to ride my motorcycle.  I would never in a million years demand that you go on a diet, or tell you what to eat.  What gives you the moral high ground to force motorcyclists to dress the way that YOU want?

You claim that it would be irresponsible to ever not wear a helmet because it will cost Nevada an astronomical social burden.  Where is the building that contains thousands of irresponsible quadriplegic “droolers” that got there for not wearing a helmet?

Obesity is the number one most cost-consuming preventable healthcare crisis in the nation.  It causes diabetes, heart disease, and a myriad of other associated problems.  I bet YOU will more likely become a public burden for your eating choices than I for my choice of helmet while practicing a sport that requires a high degree of athleticism and skill.

This is part one of more emails to come unless you publicly apologize for your condescending comments.  All you have to do is “reply to all” and I will go away.  If not, I will exercise every bit of rights I have under the United States and Nevada Constitutions to legally express my dissatisfaction of your hateful biker bigotry.

Lily Gonzalez
Las Vegas Resident
USMC Veteran

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