Monday, May 16, 2011

SB177 - Letter to Senator Horsford


I urge you to contact Senator Horsford to get him to put SB177 to a vote.  I'm having difficulty finding out when the deadline is to get SB177 through the Senate Finance Committee, but I do know that there are only 22 days left in our legislative session.  If we don't get helmet choice today, we may need to have to wait 2 years to try again.

(Party) Democratic (District) Clark County, No. 4 Biography
Legislator Photo 3450 West Cheyenne Avenue
Suite 100
North Las Vegas, NV 89032-8223
(Wk) 702-985-7535
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1429
(Leg. Bldg. Room) 1219
(Fax) 702-631-6400
(Term ends) Nov. 2012

Dear Senator Horsford,

When I met you on April 26, 2011, you appeared to be a decent person.  I figured you were like many people, misinformed about our helmet-choice issue.  You heard me (because you had no choice when I pushed my way into the elevator with you.)  But it appears you did not listen.

This is what advocates of SB177 have done to get your attention:

  • Attempted to educate you about the lies regarding the so called “public burden” to Nevada to offer motorcyclists helmet choice.
  • Attempted to educate you about the need to remove probable cause from Nevada cops that have better things to do than to detain motorcyclists over their choice of head gear.
  • Attempted to educate you about the financial burden to the State of Nevada caused by the increasing number of riders contesting and winning their helmet citations, thus wasting our State’s precious judicial resources.
  • Proven how offering helmet choice would bring a LOT of revenue to our depressed economy.
  • Contacted our Governor to intervene and ask you to move SB177 through your Finance Committee.
  • Engaged what is likely the largest African American motorcycle club in the nation and had its leader contact you to urge you to move SB177.  (This Chicago-based leader is organizing a 30-40,000 motorcycle event in August in Las Vegas.)
  • Demonstrated how this law will adversely impact motorcycling events that will go elsewhere to avoid being detained by law enforcers JUST to inspect helmets.
  • Demonstrated how SB177 is an unjust law as described by Dr. King when he described it this way, “An unjust law compels a minority group to obey but does not make binding on itself.”

Will you wait two years from now after people like me have collected pictures of how our brothers and sisters who are coming in August get violated over this helmet law?   What will it take to convince you to move SB177?  You do not have to vote YES, but you do need to put it up for a vote.

Respectfully submitted,


Lily Gonzalez
Las Vegas, NV

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