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SB177 - Senator Horsford Nevada Motorcyclists Enemy #1

Dear SB177 Supporters.

I’m so pissed I had to cool off 24 hours before writing this update.

I got home from Carson City last night where the air was thicker with party politics than last time.  There are only 10 days left in our legislative session and with each day our chances of getting SB177 passed becomes grimmer.  We do have a kick-ass plan B, but it’s one that’s gonna cost Nevada a LOT OF $, so I hope we don’t have to resort to that – but it’s certainly in the works!

You should know that the champion for motorcycle rights has been and is Sen. Don Gustavson.  He believes we have sufficient votes for SB177 to pass – and our Governor has agreed to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.  But our Bill is collecting dust in our Senate Majority Leader’s finance committee – and as I rode 550 miles home by myself yesterday I got madder and madder!

This senator is a SORRY EXCUSE FOR A PUBLIC SERVANT!  Our bill was the top most popular bill in Nevada.  It’s the only bill THAT WILL WILL WILL stimulate our depressed economy, without raising taxes!  It’s a bill in which Nevadan’s aren’t asking for jack squat!  We’re not asking for special privileges.  We’re not asking for food stamps, welfare, jobs, or for any resources from the State of Nevada.  We’re demanding freedom to wear whatever the hell we want on our heads while we ride in Nevada – and in South Nevada it gets REALLY HOT!

I’ve exposed the disgusting lies spread by Nevadan public servant, John Johansen DPS,OTS, and the lies spread by paid police officer lobbyists on OUR DIME to try to kill SB177.  I love it when one of the paid lobbyists whined about how they get to see “the carnage.”  Well maybe those anti-carnage folks need to find themselves another job – because as long as they're dealing with accidents, there’s gonna be carnage – and far more of it in cars or by pedestrians than by motorcycles. "Carnage" is not the reason these paid lobbyists want to kill SB177.  The reason these cops want to keep us in helmet bondage is because they view motorcyclists as slaves that need to be dominated.  Will SB177 will take one of the several whips they already have to keep us into submission - the way they attempted to dominate over motorcyclists who attended a party at Henderson Harley Davidson.  For heaven's sake - don't they have "real" criminals to catch?

Perhaps our truth-finding and lies-exposing is why SB177 passed the Senate Transportation Committee – unlike ever in the previous 40 years of Nevada’s helmet bondage history!   There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Sen. Horsford to ignore us.

It is my opinion based on the monumental efforts taken to educate Horsford about SB177 and his continued ignorance of our issue that this Senator is disgrace to Nevada.  How he got to be our Senate Majority leader is beyond me!  I can assure you this: he got there before I ever got involved in our legislative process.  But now that I know what a vile, evil, self-serving, pompous, elitist jerk he is, I feel a need to make this public vow:  At every opportunity, I will attend every town-hall meeting he holds to make sure he does not get re-elected.  I will go door-to-door in his voting precinct to expose him.  I will use my skills as fluent Spanish speaker to get “my Spanish-speaking kin” – who are primarily Democrats to vote against him! 

I managed to put Sen. Horsford in contact with Terry Hardy, a Chicago motorcycle leader for “World of Soul Motorcycle Club.”  I assume Mr. Hardy is a liberal because he is a proud associate of Rev. Wright, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jesse Jackson.  Mr. Hardy sent Senator Horsford a fax on his letterhead.  Mr. Hardy wrote, “..we advocate helmet usage by choice, not by force and suggest more programmatic solutions to address safety issues that do not violate the rights of individuals.”

Mr. Hardy is in my view a patriot!  I realize that freedom comes in both flavors – democratic and republican.  Mr. Hardy, understands that helmet laws are discriminatory and will be used as a means to harass the 30-40,000 African-American brothers and sisters scheduled to ride their motorcycles to Las Vegas in August.  

God willing, I will be at that event with my camera, to follow our law enforcers and help make sure none of my brothers and sisters on two wheels get “Rodney Kinged” by some of the rogue cops we have here in South Nevada.  I’ll be there to count the numbers of African American riders that will fill up our jails – like something out of Birminham, Alabama– simply because they wore a patch that LVMPD did not recognize.  I will find out how many of these brothers and sisters were detained unlawfully using the helmet “probable cause” to violate their rights!  I will use these pictures and all this evidence to go door-knocking and tell Horsfords’ constituents that this “great” African-American “leader” did NOTHING to prevent his African American brethren from getting violated !!  I will demonstrate that just because he is African American, he has no clue about the meaning of civil rights.  (Dr. King must be rolling over in his grave!)

When I first heard that Senator Horsford illegally parked in a handicapped space – violating the right of a handicapped child who needed the parking space, I actually felt sorry for the senator.  I thought it was overkill by the media to smear him over a “mistake.”  According to the report, Sen. Horsford made amends by making a charitable contribution in the amount of the citation he didn’t get.  How convenient to pay a donation and get a tax deduction for it.

But now I believe that Sen. Horsford deserved that wrath and more.  He is Nevada’s Senate Majority Leader and what he does – or fails to do – has the potential to further ruin our State.  He needs to get off his ass and put SB177 to a finance vote – and NOW!

Enough with party politics.  Enough with him punishing Republicans because he doesn’t agree with them.  Enough with the elitism bull from him and his ilk. 

I will not rest until I make sure this sorry excuse for a senator is stopped from becoming another career politician to ruin Nevada – like Senator Schneider – the biggest biker bigot in Nevada.

Yes, I’m very, very angry – and rightly so.  I’ve taken two trips on my motorcycle to Carson City to meet this man.  First to face him eyeball to eyeball to make sure he knew I was wrongly accused of calling him the “N” word.   Senator Copening spread that hateful rumor and has yet to put any investigator on the case.  Instead, she chose to smear my name and that of myassociated magazine – all because she hates bikers who want freedom.  And then she had the GALL to tell her senator colleagues to vote NO to SB177 because of one false allegation!  How dare we, productive motorcycle owners - demand freedom?  

And to any of you that think I’m a democrat-basher – nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have equal disdain for those in the Republican party who are against liberty.  Senator Hardy comes to mind.  He told me he will vote NO to SB177.  Not because he heard or even believed the statistical lies.  Not because he thinks helmets save lives.  His reason, “I’m a doctor.”  Good riddens, doc.  I can’t wait to make sure his constituents know he got himself voted in to serve his profession rather than the People of Nevada.  And btw, did you know that “as many as 98,000 people die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors that could have been prevented..?”  Source:  To Err Is Human.  The medical profession already has a monopoly on to kill healthcare freedoms – they have no business being a voice to counter helmet choice.

Please contact Senator Horsford to get him to do right by Nevada – Get SB177 voted out of his Senate Finance Committee - and let's make Nevada motorcycle-friendly!

Horsford, Steven A. (Party) Democratic (District) Clark County, No. 4 Biography
Legislator Photo 3450 West Cheyenne Avenue
Suite 100
North Las Vegas, NV 89032-8223
(Wk) 702-985-7535
(Leg. Bldg.) 775-684-1429
(Leg. Bldg. Room) 1219
(Fax) 702-631-6400
(Term ends) Nov. 2012

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