Thursday, May 19, 2011

SB177 - Nevada's Helmet Choice Bill: Dear Rep - Do You Hear Me Now???

The following is a letter sent to Nevada representatives related to Nevada's Helmet-Choice Bill.  It speaks directly to those that dare call helmet-choice advocates as potential burdens to society....

Dear Representative,

I have been playing along with this legislative process, trying to learn how it works and it is not working for my pursuit of happiness.

The motorcycling community comes repeatedly, hat in hand, wanting our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, this session, in a much watered down Bill SB177.

Once again, We-the-People are out-voiced by know-it-all doctors, insurance companies, law enforcers, etc. I am here to let you and your constituents who may be concerned about paying for my accident, know a few things.

Motorcycling is not the only sport that costs money: I pay for everyone else's stuff and they need to quiet themselves and concentrate on their driving (especially around motorcycles) if my safety concerns them so.

I pay for:
  • Search and rescue on the mountains at Red Rock.
  • Car accidents that maim people and cause head injuries.
  • Hospital bills by people who get treatment in emergency rooms that are on Medicaid.
  • Intercourse – a sport that costs our State millions in tax dollars for illegitimate children – and for their kids’ education.
  • School sports that injure and sometimes even kill our children.
  • Obese people that cannot say “no” to “would you like to supersize that?”
  • Libraries that I never use because if I want a book I buy one to help stimulate our economy.
  • Mass transportation.
  • War that inflicts much more carnage than all the motorcycle wrecks in the world.
  • Medical malpractice suits (doctors kill more people than motorcycles.)
  • Cops that shoot people and face lawsuits, or other police misconduct that costs millions each year.
  • People who throw their cigarettes out of the car and start a fire.
  • People who drive across flash flood and get rescued.
  • Snow mobilers that get lost or lost or covered in avalanches.
  • People who smoke and have lung disease.
  • Drug addicts and their treatments.
  • Parks that are too dangerous to enter.
All of this I have been paying for without a choice. I have tried the politically-correct way, and have not been heard.  

I have other issues pending in Legislation that I feel are more important, however none of them have been ignored as much as this one.  

I make this solemn vow to you on this day 3/22/2011 1:29:29 PM: 

From here forward I will contribute as little as possible to the economy of the State of Nevada, and by any means necessary, I will tap the taxpayer funds as best as I can.  I will start a business in another state and drive company cars / motorcycles registered to my out of state company.  I will support out of state companies, making sure my purchases are made in states that support my pursuit of happiness, contrary to my practices in the past. I will encourage others to do the same. I will do this until I am heard on this matter and am treated like the people I have supported. It is time you heard the voice of the ones that pay for your do-good programs. I look forward to serving my State as it has served me. When I have my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is restored in this matter, I will go back to supporting the state I love.  Until then, I feel a cold coming on.  I better get to UMC, leaving my ID at home of course.


David Stilwell

Sent March 22, 2011

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